A Jetblue Airbus Jet Nearly Collided With Another Plane At A New York Airport

A Jetblue airliner was nearly involved in a midair collision with another aircraft near Westchester County Airport in New York last Sunday.

Flight 94, an Airbus A320, was en route from Orlando, Florida, when air traffic controllers alerted its pilots of an unidentified small aircraft headed directly at them, News12 reported.

According to the regional news channel, the Jetblue flight’s pilots were able to change course and narrowly avoid the collision.

According to the AP, passengers on the Airbus claimed the small plane passed close enough for them to hear its engines.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

This latest incident comes after another near miss involving a Jetblue Airbus A320.

Earlier this month, a Jetblue flight en route to Austin, Texas, had to abort takeoff and return to the gate at New York’s JFK airport after a landing Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737 crossed into its path, Reuters reported.

According to the news organisation, the two airliners came within 2,800 feet of each other.

In March 2014, a landing United Airlines jet with 155 passengers nearly collided with an ExpressJet plane taking off from Newark Liberty International Airport. According to the LA Times, the two aircraft passed within 200 feet of each other when air traffic control ordered the United Airlines plane to abort landing and climb to a higher altitude.

No injuries were reported.

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