A stowaway was found in the cockpit of a Jetblue Airways plane in New York

A stowaway was found onboard a Jetblue Airways plane early Tuesday morning in New York.

The airport that the plane was at wasn’t identified.

Port Authority officials told NBC New York that Jetblue ground crew found a New Jersey sitting in the cockpit of a jet that had just arrived from the Dominican Republic.

The 26-year old Atlantic City man was removed from the plane by airline officials and later transported to Jamaica Hospital for observation NBC New York reported.

The stowaway has been arrested and charged with tress passing.

It is unknown how the man found his way into the cockpit of an airliner. With a less than spacious layout and tight security, it is most likely the stowaway made his way to the cockpit after passengers on the Dominican Republic flight deplaned.

We’ll update this story when we learn more.

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