#JeSuisNico: 9 Pictures Of Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Pushing His Way To The Front

There was a worrying moment for former French president Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday when he found himself a couple of rows back at the start of the solidarity march against terrorism in Paris:

Hang on, something’s not right here. Picture: Getty Images

It wouldn’t do at all, particularly when his successor, François Hollande, was front and centre.

Fortunately, Sarkozy managed to wiggle his way through in time to take up an arm-in-arm stance with Hollande and world leaders as the press started snapping:

Win! Picture: Getty Images

Some would say he was being an opportunistic, but it would be nicer to say Sarkozy was just showing some “survival instinct”. He’s back in French politics as head of the right-wing opposition UMP party, so he can probably justify – if he even has to – a place at the head of such an important event for his country.

Still, Twitter users went straight to work posting Photoshopped images under the hashtag #JeSuisNico (“I am Nico”), starring Sarkozy elbowing to the front of other great moments in history.

Here’s the best of them:

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