This Woman Ditched Her Job And Apartment For The Ultimate Road Trip


Photo: Image courtesy of Jessica Spaulding

Waking up in a Walmart parking lot, Jessica Spaulding, 31, knew her life was headed in the right direction. Spaulding wasn’t homeless. She was a van dweller—someone who ditches their home, job and most belongings to live on the road. 

“It wasn’t a reactionary thing against the man,” she told BI. “I just did it because it was fun.” 

Spaulding’s blog A Year In A Car For No Apparent Reason has been featured in the New York Times. We got some pictures and let her share her incredible story. 

Five years ago, Spaulding was a newly-minted grad working at prestigious LA stations like KCRW, NPR and Clear Channel. While it sounded great on paper, she was bored.

Spaulding came up with a plan. In a few months she'd save up enough to quit her job and then go on the ultimate road trip. She'd also ditch her apartment to save $950/month.

Here's the first place Spaulding stayed on the road, Juan Bautista de Anza Campsite.

Spaulding loved van dwelling so much she stayed on the road five years. She worked in between to stay afloat financially.

Two years ago, she began pursuing her masters in accounting. She moved in with her parents to dodge rent and traveled less frequently.

Today, she's a CPA and lives happily with her boyfriend in Seattle. This shot is from kayaking down the Green River near Colorado's Flaming Gorge Recreational Area.

Sometimes the best adventures happen closer to home.

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