Deadpool just dissed Australia's participation in Eurovision, saying 'they’re barely on the planet'


Australian pop singer Jessica Mauboy, who recently competed in the grand final of the 2018 Eurovision song contest, has hit back at American actor Ryan Reynolds who questioned why Australia even competed in the competition.

In short clip to plug his second Deadpool movie, Reynolds, dressed as the Marvel movie character, asks why Canada wasn’t included in Eurovision when Australia, who is “barely on the planet,” competes.

He says, “we’ve been snubbed by that European singsong competition you guys lose your s*** over. Our generous gift of Celine Dion alone should earn us an invite.

“And don’t give me that crap about Canada not being part of the European family. You let in Australia, and they’re barely on the planet.”

He said that it’s “…awakened a sleeping moose, and that all the power of the Canadian military, traffic cones, and affordable healthcare will be coming at you. Hard.”

Watch the video below.

Mauboy, who finished 20th out of 26th on Sunday’s Eurovision grand final, responded to Reynolds on Twitter with a video response of her own, offering a saltwater crocodile to battle Reynold’s sleeping moose.

Here’s Mauboy’s response video.

If you’re also wondering why Australia competes in Eurovision, it’s because the ABC and SBS are both members of the European Broadcasting Union.

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