Jessica Alba says she thinks filming sex scenes is 'disgusting,' but her husband doesn't believe her

  • Jessica Alba says she hates filming sex scenes.
  • “It’s just disgusting most of the time because they are usually a stranger,” she said in an interview alongside her husband Cash Warren.
  • But Warren wasn’t buying it, insisting that sex scenes must be “fun.”
  • Alba admitted she usually has a shot of tequila before filming one.
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Jessica Alba has admitted how much she hates filming sex scenes for movies.

The actor made the comments in a newly released episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast alongside her husband Cash Warren, the couple’s first joint interview.

Film producer Warren maintained he didn’t believe Alba could possibly not enjoy shooting the intimate scenes.

“There’s no way hooking up with someone else is not fun,” he said. “She’s always like, ‘There are so many people around, there’s there director there.'”

Alba interjected: “Oh, my God.”

And Warren continued: “But you’re still having fun, that dude’s a stud. There’s no way you’re not gonna like hooking up with him. She’s like, ‘urgh, it was gross.'”

“Yeah, it’s true,” Alba confirmed.

But Warren wasn’t buying it: “I’m like, no way!”

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Golden Globe-nominated actor Alba, however, said she finds filming sex scenes “disgusting.”

But as far as Warren is concerned, the opportunity to film sex scenes would be an incentive to become an actor.

“I would be an actor just to have that moment,” he said.

“That’s the difference between me and you,” Alba retorted. “It’s just disgusting most of the time because they are usually a stranger.”

To which Warren said: “Even more fun. No way.”

Jessica alba cash warrenPascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesJessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Alba explained that although she thinks her previous costars like Pierce Brosnan and Bruce Willis are “very attractive gentlemen,” filming the scenes is still “weird.”

“When you’re choosing to want to be with someone in that way, it’s very intimate, you’re breathing on someone, it’s all there, you’re smelling the skin,” she said.

“You want to choose who you’re doing that with and you’ve got to really pretend.”

The podcast cohost Lauryn Evarts Bosstick then suggested that if it were her, she’d have a shot of tequila beforehand – and it turns out this is in fact exactly what Alba does.

“I do have to,” she admitted. “I’m gonna say I’m unprofessional, 100%.”

Fellow podcast cohost Michael Bosstick then brought up the male issue of making sure you don’t actually become aroused when filming such an intimate moment. But Alba explained that it really isn’t sexy at all.

“Well you’re shooting for 15 or 16 hours,” she said. “Sometimes it’s days.

“Days and days of the same thing and you have to recreate that moment every time, and recreate the peak of your intimacy and that thing they want to capture, and they need it from this angle and that angle…”

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Alba has previously talked about how she refuses to do nudity in films, saying: “I don’t want my grandparents to see my boobs.”

The actor also recently opened up about how in the early stages of her career, she tried to change her physique specifically so she wouldn’t be “preyed upon” by men so much.

“I stopped eating a lot when I became an actress,” she said. “I made myself look more like a boy so I wouldn’t get as much attention.”

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