Jesse James Posts Utterly Disgusting Photo Of His Severed Finger

[Warning: graphic content!]

If you’re one of Jesse James’s 109,462 Instagram followers, you’re used to seeing pictures of the self-described “pope of welding” working in his West Coast Choppers shopshooting guns and riding motorcycles.

But the TV personality (and Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband) surprised followers Tuesday with a seriously grotesque photo of his severed pinky finger.

“OOOpps, Bad day at the office. Headed 2 Surgery in a few #PayUpSucker,” he captioned this photo that already has 10,000 “likes.”:“Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, Nice know’n you little buddy#jessejames #westcoastchoppers”:“Heading 2 Surgery #jessejames#westcoastchoppers #StillMetal”: by Wednesday, he was already back to his day job.

“Your desire to do what you want to do has to be greater than the world’s desire to stop you.” ~Mark Pauline, Survival Research Laboratories#jessejames”:

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