Meet The Internet Terrorist Hunter Who’s About To Get The “Social Network” Treatment


Evan Kohlmann’s work as a terrorism consultant who specialises in combing the web for jihadi conspiracies has made him famous in certain circles.

But he’s about to get famous in all circles.

Scott Rudin, megaproducer of films including “The Social Network,” just optioned New York Magazine’s December profile of Kohlmann.

And Jesse Eisenberg is being floated as a possible match for the starring role.

Kohlmann is known as a wunderkind among the intelligence professionals who have tapped him for help — the now 31-year-old has been researching jihad since he was a teenager, and in his twenties he picked up the nickname “The Doogie Howser of Terrorism.”

He’s testified against 23 defendants in trials and tribunals, and earned the media’s attention around the time Iraqi al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed.

At the time, the Penn Law graduate mused, “I spent years trying to convince some people he actually even existed.”

Kohlmann’s firm, Flashpoint Partners, regularly posts terror news and analysis on its website — so that you can get to know his work during the 18 months it takes to get this film made. (Yeah, that’s our prediction — no one’s sitting on terrorism-based treatments right now.)