Now You Can Create Dating Profiles For The Men You're Not Interested In

A “Sex and the City” episode once portrayed a party where women brought a male friend who they weren’t interested in, in hopes that they could be a good match for one of their single girlfriends at the party.

Now, much like everything else, the real-life version of the “used-date party” has become virtual, thanks to a new dating site called “Jess, Meet Ken.”

The name comes from a true love story: Jess was set up with Ken through a girlfriend who went on a date with him but felt no spark. You can read that full story here.

The tagline of the site? He’s not right for you, but he’s great for someone else, which means, don’t promote any guy who struck you as a serial killer on your first date.

Here’s how it works:

The site is currently in beta right now with several hundred users signed up on the East Coast.

But if more people sign up, a service like this could be an invaluable tool. It’s different than most dating sites in all the right ways.

The men on the site have technically already been vetted by the women who put them there. Plus, for an added layer of security, you’ll speak to the woman who posted the profile before you get in touch with the man. The folks behind Jess, Meet Ken point out that this is a way for women to make new friends, too.

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