"Jersey Shore" And Football For The Most Interesting Man In The World

By DailyTRA

Heineken, Corona, Stella Artois and Dos Equis’ (Stay thirsty my friends) are all premium beers imported from around the world to satisfy our thirst for a cold one. One of the most interesting beer creatives feature an actor, dubbed in the commercials as the Most Interesting Man in the World, promoting the Mexican beer Dos Equis’. These commercials are often quirky and yet sophisticated but, are they effective when it comes to reaching The Right Audience™, the actual buyers of beer? Does it maximise product sales for the media spend? With TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics®, advertisers of Imported Beer are able to pinpoint the right programs to find the right viewers to whom they should advertise their products, thereby increasing their product revenue and eliminating media waste.

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