Jerry Seinfeld's One Great Trick For 'Talking To Regular People'

Comedians in cars getting coffee jerry seinfeld amy schumarcomediansincarsgettingcoffee.comComedian Amy Schumer chatted with Jerry Seinfeld on the latest edition of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.’

In the latest episode of the popular web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” released today, Jerry Seinfeld takes Amy Schumer for a ride in a Ferrari before settling into some serious conversation at a New York City diner.

When Schumer admits she is sometimes uncomfortable during “meet and greets” with people, Seinfeld gives her one piece of advice.

“Here’s my trick for talking to people — numbers!” Seinfeld says seriously, “Ask them questions to which the answer is a number.”

When Schumer asks “Why numbers?” Seinfeld explains:

“There’s always an answer. This is Seinfeld’s secret technique for talking to regular people — ‘How long have you lived here? What time do you start work? When did you do that?'”

Schumer, catching on, adds: “How many of your grandparents are alive? What age were you when you lost your virginity?”

Of sometimes feeling socially awkward, Seinfeld explains that, “as a comedian, the world has a transparent quality to you, you see through everything and spend all of your time trying to cogitate.”

The two comedians also discussed what it’s like dating an alcoholic.

“Have you ever dated an alcoholic?” Schumer asks Seinfeld, who says yes. “Was it fun for a while? And then it’s like, oh, this is actually pretty dark. I’m wondering what it’s like to date me.” She then reveals: “In actuality I will have like two glasses of wine a couple times a week and I feel really bad about it.”

Watch the full webisode here.

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