Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Doesn't Want To Reveal Whether He Leaked Information To The Press

jerry sandusky waives right to preliminary hearing

Photo: Screenshot via ESPN

A lawyer for Penn State’s disgraced former assistant football coach is fighting a judge’s order to reveal whom he spoke to about the case.Judge John Cleland ordered Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers last month to give him sworn statements detailing all the evidence obtained from prosecutors they may have shared with anyone else, and with whom they may have shared it, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

But Karl Rominger, a defence lawyer for Sandusky, is challenging the order, claiming it violates protections granted to attorneys’ work products, according to the AP.

Cleland’s order was meant to determine if lawyers were the ones to leak information about Sandusky’s case.

One of the biggest leaks happened when NBC exclusively obtained the recording of an interview between Sandusky’s adopted son Matt and police.

In the interview, Matt vividly described sexual abuse he claims he suffered at the hands of his adopted father.

Sandusky was convicted early last month of 45 counts of child sex abuse. His sentence could totally 442 years.

The case made headlines Thursday when an independent investigative report found famous Penn State coach Joe Paterno, as well as other top school officials, cared more about protecting Sandusky and the school’s legacy than they did about helping the victims.

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