Sandusky Judge Lets The Ex-Coach Visit His Grandkids, Second-Guesses Own Rulings

john cleland sandusky judge

Photo: AP Images

The judge in Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse case is making waves before the trial even begins.Senior judge John Cleland shocked many when he ruled the former Penn State assistant coach could visit his grandchildren, even though Sandusky is facing allegations he sexually abused young boys.

But Cleland’s controversial ruling isn’t the only surprise surrounding the judge.

In a detailed profile of Cleland, Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim revealed some shocking details.

Cleland is known for inserting himself in the trial, asking witnesses and jurors additional questions and second-guessing his own rulings.

He also made some enemies before the start of the trial.

A national victims’ rights group took offence when Cleland wouldn’t let the group intervene in Sandusky’s request for personal information about the accusers, Ganim reported.

He also ruled the accusers’ names could be publicly stated during the trial.

Cleland initially decreed reporters inside the courtroom couldn’t tweet or communicate with reporters outside the courtroom. When media organisations appealed, he decided to allow tweeting but not direct quotes.

But when reporters asked for clarification, Cleland completely banned tweeting, Ganim wrote.

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