Jerry Sandusky Is Complaining About Solitary Confinement

jerry sandusky

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Last month, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers released a statement bemoaning their client’s life in solitary confinement.However, it seems Sandusky has a more enjoyable life than typical  solitary confinement inmates.

The former Penn State assistant football coach was sentenced in October to 30 to 60 years behind bars after he was convicted in June of 45 counts of child sex abuse.

Sandusky is classified as a Level 2 inmate but has been housed in a Level 5 cell, also known as solitary confinement, over concerns about his safety in general population.

“It’s a tough life, Level 5,” attorney Karl Rominger said last month, according to the Associated Press. “And I know some people in the public will say, ‘Who cares?’ But the answer is, I thought we believe in equality in America. And while he’s a convicted sex offender in Pennsylvania, he would like to be treated like every other convicted sex offender.”

But, according to a story from The Huffington Post, Sandusky’s life in Level 5 is cushier than most solitary confinement inmates.

“Unlike typical Level 5 prisoners, Sandusky is allowed to have a TV in his cell and can make two phone calls a month, giving him some freedom while he serves out his 30- to 60-year prison sentence,” HuffPost pointed out Monday, when conducting a poll about whether he would survive in the general prison population.

Sandusky was recently granted permission to appear in court Thursday at an appeal hearing, 69News and The Associated Press reported Friday.

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