Jerry Rice Sold His Custom-Built 'Smart Home' For $US9 Million

Jerry Rice has finally sold his Bay Area estate this week for $US9 million,
according to

The house is fantastic. It has six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a movie theatre, a pool house, and even a gift-wrapping room.

It’s also a custom-built “smart home,” letting the buyer control security and various appliances from anywhere on Earth, Trulia reports.

Rice listed the place $US22 million back in 2007, but only sold it this week.

At 17,000-square feet, the estate is huge

The pool, there's also a pool house

The deck

Looks pretty relaxing

Here's the gift-wrapping room, heavily stocked with wrapping paper

The kitchen

The office (calf-massaging chair not included)

The theatre room

A nice sunny breakfast nook

The weight room, of course

Not a spiral staircase, but close enough

The den, with seven (!) TVs

The fancy sitting area that no one ever goes in

The backyard

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