Jerry Jones Explains What He Was Doing Talking To His Head Coach In The Middle Of A Game

Jerry jones jason garrettESPNJones talking to Garrett in the fourth quarter.

During the fourth quarter of the Dallas Cowboys’ 20-17 overtime loss to the Washington Redskins on Monday, Jerry Jones had a face-to-face conversation with head coach Jason Garrett on the sideline.

Jones, the league’s most eccentric and bombastic owner, has a more hands on approach than any of his peers.

He took that to the extreme on Monday, coming down from the owner’s box to talk to his coach.

After the game, Jones explained what he was doing on the sidelines during the final stages of a huge game. He said he told Garrett that Romo — who went down with an ugly-looking back injury earlier in the half — was going to come back into the game.

“I told Jason that he would be back in,” he said.

Based on Jones’ explanation of his conversation, it’s unclear if he was telling Garrett to put Romo back in the game, or if he was merely giving Garrett that heads up that Romo was ready.

The full quotes Clarence Hill of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram:

“I was here during the tail end of the examination and knew he planed to come back out and play if he were needed. Of course he was needed. I felt good that he could come back out. When he saw the opportunity he did. I told Jason that he would be back in.

“We knew there were no structural issues when they gave him the X-rays. I very concerned the fact that he laid there as long as he laid there. After we looked at the play and saw that was a knee kind of to the side of the back, then we felt better about it.”

Either way, if Jerry Jones tells you Romo is going back in, he goes back in.

Jones was on the sideline cheering him on when he emerged from the locker room (that’s Garrett looking peeved in the background):

Romo was lobbying hard to go back in. He appeared to have an animated conversation with the team doctor on the sidelines:

It’s still unclear why Jones had to update Garrett on Romo’s health status and not the doctor.

Brandon Weeden had engineered two scoring drives in Romo’s absence. When Romo came back in for the game’s final drive and overtime, he was unable to move the ball and the Cowboys lost.

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