NFL owners reportedly told Jerry Jones to end his battle against Roger Goodell, but he won't back down

  • Jerry Jones threatened legal action against some NFL owners if they approved an extension for Roger Goodell.
  • The NFL competition committee reportedly sent a cease-and-desist warning to Jones over his intervention in contract talks.
  • Jones on Tuesday suggested that he won’t back down.

The NFL’s competition committee gave Dallas Cowboys owner a cease-and-desist warning after Jones threatened the committee with legal action over Commissioner Roger Goodell’s extension, according to The New York Times’ Ken Belson.

Jones threatened the NFL competition committee with legal action in early November if they approved an extension for Goodell. Jones has reportedly been unhappy with Goodell since the league suspended Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott over domestic violence allegations. Jones is also said to be unhappy with how the league has handled protests during the national anthem and believes Goodell is overpaid.

Jones, however, is not backing down. During an appearance on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday, Jones maintained that there is plenty of time to change Goodell’s contract extension, suggesting he will keep pressing the issue.

“We’ve got all the time in the world to extend [Goodell],” Jones said. “We just need to slow this train down and have a lot of time to discuss the issues at hand in the NFL and have a good, fair input from all the owners, which we’re not getting.”

Jones’ threats to the competition committee — which revoked his status as an ad hoc advisor after his threats — reportedly shocked several owners. One owner told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that he believes Jones wants to “overthrow” Goodell.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, some team owners have discussed the “nuclear option” with Jones — a clause in the league constitution and bylaws that could force Jones to sell the team.

On Tuesday, Jones denied receiving a cease-and-desist warning and laughed off the nuclear option calling it “ridiculous.”

Belson reported that the league consider other punishments toward Jones, such as fines, docking draft picks, or even suspending him.

Jones also said on Tuesday that “well over half ” of the league is interested in being a part of Goodell’s extension. If Jones can rally more support, his stance against Goodell may still take several more turns.

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