Snapchat Celebrity Pulls A Weird Stunt, Claims He's Going To Be Arrested On A Plane

Jerome Jarre is one of the more famous Vine celebrities, with 7.5 million followers. He’s also big on Snapchat, with tons of “Snapchat friends” who follow his stories.

He’s known to rally people to help him create his content.

Once, he sent a Snapchat that asked people to meet him in Union Square to create a Snapchat story. Hundreds of people showed up within minutes.

So it’s not a surprise that when he asks his followers to help him out, they’re willing.

And that’s what happened when Jarre tweeted that he was going to be arrested on an American Airlines flight heading to Miami on Tuesday night.

Allegedly, the internet darling emerged from a bathroom on an American Airlines flight donning a speedo and carrying an inflatable duck. This prank was for a Vine, tweets Jarre, but the flight attendants were not having it.