Soccer Star Leaves His Porsche At A Train Station And Forgets About It

porsche 911 turbo

Jermaine Pennant, a 28-year-old soccer star for the the EPL soccer club Stoke City recently was reunited with his Porsche 911 Turbo which had been missing for five months.

The car wasn’t stolen; Pennant just completely forgot about it.  He left the car, which goes for over $130,000, at a Spanish train station where it was tagged with a bunch of parking tickets before someone saw the licence plate “P33NNT” and contacted the police.

Pennant, who makes $3.7 million a year, was notified but had no idea the car was even missing.  In fact, Pennant says he didn’t even remember buying the car.  He wasn’t bent out of shape about getting it back either — he sent one of his friends to pick up the car.

The craziest part: the keys to the Porsche were on the front seat the whole time.

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