You Have To See This Brilliant, Angry Interview With Disgraced Media Baron Conrad Black

BBC Newsnight may be in all sorts of trouble at the moment, but few would deny that its host, Jeremy Paxman, is a master of angry, combative interviews.

Last night Newsnight showed a Paxman interview with Conrad Black, once a mighty Canadian media baron and CEO of media group Hollinger. He was previously owner of one of the UK’s most important newspapers, the Daily Telegraph.

Black was convicted by an American court of fraud and obstructing justice in 2007, though he remains a member of the UK’s House of Lords (of course controversial).

However Black refuses to take Paxman referring to him as a criminal lying down. He rails against the “ghastly” US criminal justice system, before telling Paxman he is “priggish, gullible, British fool” and even makes reference to “getting up and smashing your face in”.

The entire segment is on Black, but the interview itself starts around 4.10.


UPDATE: The interview with Sky News’ Adam Boulton may be just as good:

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