Jeremy Lin's Video Game Alter-Ego Sucks At Basketball

Jeremy Lin


We can probably forgive the creators of the various NBA video games for giving Jeremy Lin a poor rating prior to the season. But in an era in which these ratings are constantly updated throughout the season, it is a little perplexing to see that Jeremy Lin’s character in NBA 2K12 still, you know, sucks.According to Owen Good of, 2KSports raised Lin’s rating in NBA 2K12 from 56 to 69 (out of 99). While that big of a jump is rare, it is still well-below where players with similar numbers are typically found.

For example, Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets is the only player in the NBA currently averaging at least 20 points (21.1 ppg) and eight assists (8.5 apg) per game. Over the last seven games, Lin is averaging 24.4 points and 9.1 assists per game. And yet, Williams has a 90 rating, and Lin is 21 points behind.

Now, we’re not saying Lin is as good as Williams. And the jury is still out on whether Lin will be able to maintain this level. But c’mon, show the kid (and all the fans rushing out to buy NBA games this week) some love!

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