Jeremy Lin Says He Has Turned Down Millions Upon Millions In Endorsement Money

jeremy lin in a postgame interview

Photo: YouTube

Jeremy Lin defended himself against criticism that he’s “all about the money” in his interview with Sports Illustrated’s Pablo Torre this morning.”If I really wanted to, I could have triple-digit endorsements,” he said.

We assume triple-digits actually means nine digits, or $100+ million.

But it could also refer to the volume of endorsements. Like, he could be endorsing hundreds of products right now.

Lin currently endorses just three products.

But Chinese shoe giant Li Ning reportedly tried to make a monster offer to Lin earlier this year (which he turned down), and if we take Lin at his word, he must have turned down a bunch of other companies since he exploded onto the scene in February.

He signed a new contract with Nike in March, and he endorses Volvo and Steiner Sports as well.

A couple of talking heads, most notably ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, have tried to argue that Lin’s departure from NY is his own fault because he was trying to get the largest possible contract.

That argument seems to misunderstand what restricted free agency means. And now that Lin — who is living in his parent’s house this summer — has made it known that he has already left tens of millions in endorsement money on the table, the argument that he’s all about the money rings even more false.

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