Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports

kate upton

Photo: Screenshot from Sports Illustrated

Linsanity.It has been sweeping the nation for two weeks now, and we don’t see an end in sight.

Lin is a clear winner this week. But so is the 19-year-old girl who snagged the cover of the Swimsuit Issue, and an NBA-er who’s heading to the Knicks.

A former NBA player, however, is broke, even though he made more than $150 million throughout his career.

WINNER: Jeremy Lin

Do we really have to explain this one?

WINNER: Kate Upton

Kate Upton, only 19-years-old, took the country by storm this week when she landed the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Upton, who was romantically linked with Mark Sanchez, wouldn't give anyone a straight answer when they asked if she and the quarterback were dating.

WINNER: Mark Cuban

The Cubes gave $40,000 to a Dallas St. Patrick's Day parade.

Why? So people could get really drunk:

'I just thought it would be fair that people should be able to kill as many brain cells on Greenville Avenue as I have in my life. I passed out in many of booths there. I said if I have lost enough brain cells there, everybody will get that opportunity, too,' Cubes told a local Dallas news station.

WINNER: This little guy


Finally released from the clutches of China, JR Smith is back in the US and just signed with the Knicks.

LOSER: Allen Iverson

A.I. made $150 million in his NBA career. But now he's flat broke.

LOSER: Darren Rovell

The CNBC sports business reporter asked Kate Upton to be his Valentine on TV. She rejected him.

LOSER: LeBron James

LBJ told a Cleveland newspaper that he wouldn't rule out coming back to the Cavaliers one day.

He should just never talk about The Decision or anything related to The Decision for a while.

LOSER: Floyd Mayweather

Floyd tweeted that Jeremy Lin is only getting so much publicity because he's Asian.

Not a good look.

LOSER: Everyone and everything who isn't Jeremy Lin

Seriously, he's bigger than Tebow.

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