Five Signs That The Whole Jeremy Lin Thing Isn't Dead

The New York Post killed Linsanity today, just over a month after they invented it.

But while the point guard/worldwide phenomenon is expected to see a reduced rule under new coach Mike Woodson, there are signs that both Lin (the player) and LIN! (the meme) are still alive and kicking:

1. He was told that he is the team’s starting point guard and he has nothing to worry about when he met with coach Mike Woodson this morning.

2. Landry Fields and him are still a world-class comedy duo:

landry fields tweets about jeremy lin harvard basketball


3. Carmelo is still speaking incoherent nonsense about him:

carmelo tweet about jeremy lin


4. Seriously, there’s a bottomless pit of Fields-Lin hijinks (a tutorial on their secret handshake):

5. He’s still decent at basketball — averaging 15 points and 7 assists in his last five games.

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