Jeremy Lin Doesn't Think It Is Fair That Fans Are Booing Kim Kardashian's Ex-Husband

Jeremy Lin Kris Humphries

Photo: AP Images

Jeremy Lin is not only loved by fans everywhere, but apparently he is also quickly becoming a favourite of opposing players in the NBA. And following last night’s game, Rachel Nichols of ESPN got a glimpse of why that is happening.Shortly after the New York Knicks lost to the New Jersey Nets, Lin stopped Kris Humphries to talk about his marriage to Kim Kardashian, sorta… From Rachel Nichols on ESPN:

“Lin showed why he has become so well-liked around the league in such a short time. He stopped Nets forward Kris Humphries in a hallway after the game. He told Humphries how good a player he thinks he is. And how he doesn’t think it’s fair that every time Humphries touches the ball, he gets booed by fans upset about his off-court love life. ‘Now that,’ Humphries said ‘is a good dude.’ “

Keep in mind that this was a game in which Lin did not play particularly well and was dominated by Nets point guard Deron Williams. And one of Lin’s first thoughts after the game was to try to cheer up one of his opponents.

Good dude indeed.

Now if Lin can just get Williams to stop being so jealous.

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