These Images Of Maine's Nightime Lightshows Will Take Your Breath Away

Jeremy.P.Grey.Dancing LightsJeremy GreyJordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine. (sky was exposed for 20 seconds, foreground was exposed for 4.5 minutes)

Jeremy Grey is an award-winning fine art, nature and landscape photographer who grew up in Maine, a state known for its beautiful scenery.

Through his art, Grey hopes to inspire in others the same respect, care and connection with nature that he feels for his home state.

Grey’s shared a selection of his astronomy photography with Business Insider, which he took at state and national parks throughout Maine.

Click here for more examples of Grey’s astronomy photography, or visit his main page for samples of his other nature and landscape photography.

Jeremy Grey took to nature photography a few years ago. He creates emotionally powerful images through his emphasis on light and tone, like in this breath taking image, 'A Colourful Night', which he took along the banks of Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park capturing the bright band of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A Colourful Night

Mesmerising star trails paint the night sky along the frozen, snow-blanketed banks of Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park in this image Grey dubbed 'Celestial Winter'. Star trails are particularly challenging to produce but the result makes it all worthwhile, which Grey says.

Celestial Winter

A colourful aurora illuminates the horizon while stars dot the night sky. A calm pond located west of Baxter State Park, reflects the night sky and the trees and hills, which separate Earth from sky in this image 'Abol Bridge Aurora'.

Abol Bridge Aurora

Taken in a similar location to 'A Colourful Night' on Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park, 'Night's Glow' coalesces Earth with the cosmos. The Milky Way Galaxy's band meets a foggy, grey-blue mist along the lake's rocky coastline.

Night's Glow

If you look closely, you can spot pillars of purple aurora shooting from the green-lit horizon and breaching the starry background in this image 'Pillars', which Grey shot west of Baxter State Park.


A stunning aurora reaches for the stars in Grey's 'Dancing Lights'. The rocky shoreline of Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park directs the eye straight to this spectacular spectacle of green, yellow, purple, and pink.

Dancing Lights

In 'Spinning Aurora', Grey combines an image of one of Maine's brilliant aurora light shows with an image of a star trail centered around the north star, Polaris. He shot both images along a coastline west of Baxter State Park and the result is a gorgeous compilation of colour and the cosmos.

Spinning Aurora

With an image like this, it's easy to understand why our ancient ancestors were so enamoured with the cosmos. In 'Southern Sky', a misty, stone-lined pond in Acadia National Park sits against a mesmerising backdrop of stellar brilliance.

Southern Sky

'It is my goal to craft fine art images that capture the natural beauty of my home state of Maine,' Grey told Business Insider. 'Moonlight' does just that in this beautifully textured photo of Maine's renowned rocky coastline, rolling mountains and dense forests along Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.


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