JEREMY GRANTHAM: Don't Try To Pretend Like The Fed's Next Move Matters

Jeremy granthamCPSL via VimeoGMO’s Jeremy Grantham

GMO’s Jeremy Grantham is one of the most successful investing minds in history.

His focus is on the long-term, which is why he is concerned about things like climate change.

And this is why he’s not too worried about when the Fed may begin to taper its stimulative asset purchase program and tighten monetary policy.

From an interview with BloombergBusinessweek’s Nick Summers:

Can the Fed take away easy money without jolting the markets?

Who cares? This is the game I’m complaining about. We will prosper by the quality and quantity of our labour and capital. Do not pretend that how they twitch around has any material effect.

During the interview, Grantham says that “farming and forestry” are the only investable ideas he’s confident in.

This is great considering both of his sons are pursuing careers in those industries.

Read the whole interview at

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