This Blocked Shot-Dunk Combo Might Be The Most Amazing 20 Seconds Of Basketball You'll See All Year

It’s only the preseason, but Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans has already turned in one of the best plays of the year.

Last night against the Clippers, Evans blocked Ronny Turiaf’s shot, dribbled down the court, tomahawk dunked on Turiaf, SPRINTED BACK DOWN THE COURT, and deflected a pass to prevent an easy lay-up. All in 20 seconds. Here’s the clip, further analysis is below:

Now, here are the four most amazing things about this play:

1. Evans (the arrow) is under the basket when Turiaf (the circle) squares up his shot. How in the world did he get out there in time?

jeremy evans jazz nba

Photo: YouTube


jeremy evans utah jazz nba

Photo: YouTube

3. He dunked with his off hand (h/t the announcer)

4. He beats every single Jazz teammate back down the floor to deflect the pass after the dunk. Reminder: he had just beaten all his teammates down the court to tomahawk on Turiaf. He essentially ran two lengths of the court in 20 seconds, and in that time had a block, dunk, and deflection. You won’t see more hustle all year.

jeremy evans deflection

Photo: YouTube

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