Watch: Jeremy Corbyn made a joke at PMQs and it wasn't terrible

Jeremy Corbyn made a joke at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday and some of his own MPs actually laughed at it.

Responding to a jibe from Prime Minister David Cameron that his tax return was late, chaotic, inaccurate and uncosted — a metaphor for the Labour party, Corbyn joked about how bad his own handwriting is. Then told Cameron that he paid more tax then some companies owned by people the prime minister might know.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne published his tax return this week and it revealed that he earned £44, 647 in dividend income from shares in Osborne Little Group Ltd, the wallpaper and fabric company founded by his father. The Osborne Little Group hasn’t paid any corporation tax for the past seven years.

Corbyn has been struggling at PMQs recently, and last month a Labour MP tweeted that Corbyn’s performance at his weekly debate with the prime minister was a “f****** disaster.” Making his own MPs laugh with a quick-witted reply is a pretty big deal for Corbyn.

Here’s Corbyn’s response to Cameron.

Mr Speaker, I’m grateful to the prime minister for drawing attention to my own tax return.There warts and all — the warts being my handwriting, all being my generous donation to HMRC. I actually paid more tax then some companies owned by people he might know quite well.

And here’s the video.

“I paid more tax than some companies owned by people he might know quite well” says @jeremycorbyn #PMQs
— DailySunday Politics (@daily_politics) April 13, 2016

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