Something Jeremy Corbyn said in 2013 is coming back to haunt him

A speech that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made to Parliament in 2013 is coming back to haunt him because it contradicts his current stance on military action in Syria.

There is a huge amount of tension in the Labour Party at the moment between MPs who want to be able to choose how to vote on whether to extend RAF airstrikes into Syria, and Corbyn’s desire to force all his MPs to vote against military action.

Here is the speech that was unearthed by politics website Guido Fawkes:

And here is what Corbyn said yesterday when asked whether he would allow his MPs to choose how they would vote over bombing Syria.

“No, we would have to consider it as a party, consider it as a group and decide how we would react at that point, I can’t predict at this stage.”

Labour MPs are particularly annoyed that Corbyn is trying to dictate how they vote on military action because during Corbyn’s 32 year career as an MP, he voted against his party over 500 times. This speech from two years ago isn’t going to make things any better.

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