Jeremy Corbyn's endorsement from UB40 is hilarious because of one key detail

Jeremy CorbynIan Forsyth / StringerLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leadership contest campaign has been an eventful one so far.

Gaffes, fiery debates, and more recently, a row over which candidate is the most sexist.

But, just when you thought you had seen it all, current leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to appear alongside 80’s reggae group UB40 at a press conference in central London on Tuesday afternoon.

“Jeremy has re-ignited an interest in politics for people who no longer felt included, and engaged and inspired a new generation of young voters who, for the first time, believe that they have an incorruptible politician who truly represents them,” UB40 said in an email sent to Business Insider.

“For these reasons he has our full support as leader of a genuine, believable Labour Party.”

The band, whose biggest hits included Red Red Wine and Can’t Help Falling In Love, will appear alongside the Islington North MP following his announcement that he would put arts policy at the heart of government policy if elected.

However, people are pointing out that UB40 and Labour have more in common than just politics. Both entities are split down the middle and working through a civil war.

The UB40 which will endorse Corbyn on Tuesday afternoon features just a handful of the original lineup — vocalist Robin Campbell, drummer Jimmy Brown, and saxophonist Brian Travers. The three remaining founding members have set up their own version of UB40 — fronted by Campbell’s brother, Ali

The beloved 80’s band is currently in the midst of a civil war. Robin Campbell’s UB40 has sued Ali’s version for illegally using the UB40 name. The case is set to be heard by the High Court later this year. The band is literally fighting with itself — remind you of anybody?

UB40 is 80’s pop’s answer to the Labour Party. The reason why Corbyn has been forced to fight for his leadership is that he refused to resign after the majority of his own MPs supported a no-confidence motion against him in June.

The party membership is totally divided, too. A YouGov poll published last week found that just 32% of Labour members who joined before Corbyn first became leader in September 2015 intend to vote for him in this year’s contest. On the other hand, 86% of members who joined after Corbyn’s victory intend to vote for him in this contest.

It’s for these reasons that UB40 is a bizarre but pretty accurate metaphor for the current state of the Labour Party.

Business Insider will be attending the press conference, which is expected to commence at 1300 p.m. (BST). A source close to Corbyn refused to confirm whether UB40 will performing. We will be broadcasting the conference LIVE on our Facebook page.

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