Jeremy Corbyn said he’d be 'happy' for Brexit transition to be extended

Getty ImagesJeremy Corbyn.
  • Jeremy Corbyn would be “happy” for the Brexit transition period to be extended beyond the current December 2020 date.
  • The Labour leader also confirmed the relationship with Europe that he would desire.
  • This includes trade opportunities without setting the country up as a “deregulated economy on the shores of Europe” which, Corbyn says, is what “the Tories want.”

LONDON – Jeremy Corbyn has said that he’d be “happy” for the Brexit transition period to be extended.

The proposed transition period – which will only be secured if both sides manage to negotiate a withdrawal agreement – will last 21 months, concluding in December 2020.

Under the terms of the proposed transition, Britain will remain in the single market, customs union and continue under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. However, it will lose its representation – members of European Parliament and its seat on the European Council.

There is growing belief that Britain will need a longer transition period in order to implement the new structures needed for life outside the EU. This includes a new customs arrangement, on which the UK government still hasn’t come to a final position.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Corbyn said he has “a feeling” the transition will go beyond the aforementioned proposed period – and he’d be “happy” with that.

“We proposed a transition in the first place, that was a Labour proposal and there obviously has to be a transition,” Corbyn said.

“It’s not set in stone. I’ve got a feeling it will go beyond that [and] Yes [I’d be happy with that]. The priority has to be our investment in different parts of Britain to ensure we do get fair economic growth across the whole of the UK, but it also has to be protecting jobs of those industries that rely on trade with Europe.”

On the relationship he would like to have with Europe, Corbyn added: “I want to have an effective relationship with Europe which gives us the trade opportunities but also does not set us up as a deregulated economy on the shores of Europe, which is what some Tories want.

“If it’s done correctly we will have a good relationship with Europe and we will be able to give to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland the regional powers that were taken from them away to Brussels.”

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