Jeremy Corbyn just said that Donald Trump should 'grow up'

Jeremy CorbynBBCJeremy Corbyn on ‘The Andrew Marr Show.’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told US president-elect Donald Trump to “grow up” over his plans to build a wall between America and Mexico.

Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez is Mexican. He said she reacted with “absolute anger and outrage” at Trump’s proposals to construct a “great wall” between her homeland and the US.

Speaking on “The Andrew Marr Show,” Corbyn added: “Donald Trump should grow up and recognise that the American economy depends on migrant labour. Last year they had a day without Mexicans, they certainly noticed it.

“The treatment of Mexico by the United States, just as much as absurd and abusive language towards Muslims, has to be challenged.”

The Labour leader said he would “look forward” to the conversation between his wife and Trump should he become Prime Minister. Whether Trump proceeds with his election pledge to build a wall remains to be seen. He has already showed that he intends to soften his position on certain issues, including Obama Care.

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