Jeremy Corbyn accuses Trump of spreading 'racism and misogyny'

  • Jeremy Corbyn accuses “disgraceful” Donald Trump of spreading racism and misogyny.
  • Labour leader said the US President is a threat to world peace.
  • Corbyn warned that Trump’s rhetoric could trigger a nuclear war
  • Labour leader makes the comments in major foreign policy speech at the UN.

LONDON – Jeremy Corbyn has accused US President Donald Trump of spreading “racist incitement and misogyny” as he warned that the President’s rhetoric risked triggering a nuclear war.

In a speech at the UN on Friday afternoon, the Labour leader said that Trump’s “disgraceful Muslim ban and his anti-Mexican rhetoric have fuelled racist incitement and misogyny.”

He added that the President’s comments merely “shift the focus away from what his Wall Street-dominated administration is actually doing.”

Corbyn also accused Trump of threatening world peace through his actions in the Middle East and his rhetoric on North Korea.

“President Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly in September signalled a wider threat to peace,” he said.

“His attack on multilateralism, human rights and international law should deeply trouble us all.

“And this is no time to reject the Iran Nuclear Deal, a significant achievement agreed between Iran and a group of world power to reduce tensions.

He added that Trump “threatens not just the Middle East but also the Korean Peninsula. What incentives are there for Pyongyang to believe disarmament will bring benefits when the US dumps its nuclear agreement with Tehran?”

“Trump and Kim Jong-un threaten a terrifying nuclear confrontation with their absurd and bellicose insults.”

The Labour leader made the comments as he called for a new world order in which Britain would not “bomb first and think and talk later.”

“We can live in a more peaceful world. The desire to help create a better life for all burns within us,” he said.

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