Jeremy Clarkson tells us why he'd love to have Donald Trump on 'The Grand Tour'

Grand TourGettyJeremy Clarkson and Donald Trump.

Jeremy Clarkson would love Donald Trump to appear on his Amazon motoring show “The Grand Tour” — if only to stage the US president-elect’s death.

Speaking to Business Insider at a press event for his new motoring social network, Drive Tribe, Clarkson said “God yes” to the prospect of Trump coming on “The Grand Tour.”

“Have you seen what we’re doing with everybody?” he asked.

This was a reference to the Amazon show staging the deaths of a string of celebrities before they make it into the “The Grand Tour” tent for an interview. Stars that didn’t make it include actors Jeremy Renner and Charlize Theron, and British TV presenter and Carol Vorderman.

“There’s some very amusing ways [we’d kill Trump off]. We live in interesting times,” he told Business Insider. Clarkson did not elaborate on his views about Trump, but has previously called his victory in the US election “hilarious.”

“I do like chaos. I really have always enjoyed chaos ever since I was a small boy, I liked to push over the display of beans in the supermarket, that sort of thing and when you see [that Trump has become President]… That hair, that nylon hair is now in the White House and you just think that is properly funny,” he told “The Jonathan Ross Show” las month.

Drive TribeDrive TribeDrive Tribe.

Clarkson did, however, reiterate some of his sceptical views on climate change. He stopped short of labelling it a “Chinese conspiracy,” like Trump did in a now infamous tweet, and claimed that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of the first people to use the phrase “global warming” in relation to her war with miners in the 1980s.

“It’s not a Chinese conspiracy, but we could sit and talk about this all day long,” Clarkson said. “Unlike most people, I’ve actually been to the North Pole and the polar bears have a great deal of space to roam around in. A huge amount of space. And it’s really cold.

“Even if it warms up by 400 degrees, it will still be really cold up there, so they will be fine.”

Drive Tribe went live on Monday. The social network positions itself as a “digital hub for motoring.” It will host video, articles, social media and interactive content, which will be organised around “tribes” with a unique tone of voice.

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