Jeremy Clarkson launches an extraordinary rant about the 'f-----g b------s' at the BBC

Jeremy Clarkson AngryHannah Peters/Getty ImagesTop Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson talks during a media call for ‘Top Gear Live’ at the ASB Showgrounds on February 12, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jeremy Clarkson, the suspended presenter of the BBC’s Top Gear show, last night launched into a crazy rant about how execs at the network are a bunch of “f—–g b—–s.”Clarkson said at a charity gala event in London that he believes he will be sacked over claims he punched a Top Gear producer, the Daily Mirror reports.

The divisive TV presenter and columnist was up on stage offering a last lap of the Top Gear track as part of the charity auction. It was bought for £100,000 and will go towards helping young people get into the arts industry. The Mirror was there and recorded his angry rant about a recent “fracas” between him and producer Oisin Tymon, which has been covered relentlessly by British press. Clarkson, 54, allegedly punched Tymon because Tymon served him a cold meat platter instead of a steak after a day’s filming.

Clarkson said the BBC programme, which has around 350 million viewers worldwide and brings in millions in profits, used to be great — but told listeners on Thursday night that the people in charge had “f—-d it up.”

The Mirror says his rant left the audience shocked and in no doubt what he thinks about the BBC’s execs. Clarkson met with BBC chiefs this week and Lord Tony Hall says he will make a decision about Clarkson’s future after he has considered all the facts. But it appears that Clarkson believes his fate is already sealed.

In the footage he is clearly pent up and emotional about what’s happening. He talks about doing a final lap at the Top Gear track before he’s sacked. He says: “I’ll be tearful when I do it, but f–k it, let’s do it.” He explains that he’ll drive someone around whatever car he can get hold of. Clarkson adds that Top Gear was a great show and the BBC has “f—-d it up.”

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