Jeremy Clarkson's considers quitting BBC's Topgear even if he is cleared of the 'fracas'

Jeremy Clarkson’s “fracas” yesterday with a producer on Top Gear put the the popular BBC TV show on hold while the network suspended the presenter.

However, the episode on Sunday 8 March may be the last episode of his BBC career, as Radio Times reported, citing a source close to the presenter that he is “considering quitting.”

Radio Times reported that Clarkson may quit the motoring show, even if he is cleared of the allegations, putting an end to his BBC career that started back in 1998. Clarkson has only taken a break from Top Gear when the BBC was working on a new version of the show between 2000 and 2002.

If Clarkson does quit Top Gear, it would arguably be a big blow for the BBC. Top Gear is one of the network’s most popular shows and is broadcasted abroad to 350 million people every week. Most importantly, Top Gear brings about £150 million to the pockets of the BBC and, according to The Telegraph, Clarkson is simply too valuable to be sacked.  

Radio Times also give further insight on what exactly happened on Tuesday: Clarkson allegedly started throwing punches after he found out there was no food available after a day’s filming.

The article also names the other half of the controversy: apparently, the victim was BBC presenter Oisin Tymon.

As soon as Tymon’s name was reported, Clarkson fans took to Twitter to express their support for their idol:

The Radio Times reported that Clarkson told his friends he did not punch Tymon, although he admitted there were some “handbags and pushing” over the incident. 

A petition to ask the BBC to bring Clarkson back to work, meanwhile, reached more than 300,000 signatures on

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