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Jeremy Clarkson, the “Top Gear” presenter currently suspended after an altercation with a BBC producer, may find out today if he is being sacked or not, the Guardian reports.

The BBC suspended Clarkson on March 10, following what it described as a “fracas” with producer Oisin Tymon. Clarkson is accused of having punched Tymon after he and the rest of the Top Gear crew were served a platter of cold meat instead of hot steak after a day of shooting.

The investigation set up by the corporation to clear the issue has heard evidence from both Clarkson and Tymon, and it has concluded its analysis, the Guardian reports.

Clarkson’s fate at the BBC is now in the hands of one person only, BBC director general Lord Tony Hall, Radio Times reports.

According to the Radio Times, the most probable fallout would be a refusal by the BBC to renew Clarkson’s contract, which is expected to expire this month.

Clarkson is reportedly the highest-paid presenter at the BBC, and “Top Gear” brings about £150 million in revenues to the corporation’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide.

But Clarkson may decide to leave the BBC even if he is cleared of the accusations, and he has already started to pitch ideas for new TV shows to replace “Top Gear,” the Independent reports.

Meanwhile, “Top Gear” fans are making their voices heard to support their favourite presenter. On Friday, a petition to reinstate Clarkson signed by a million fans was delivered to the BBC headquarters in Oxford Circus on a tank.

And, yesterday, prime minister David Cameron has revealed his 11-year-old daughter has threatened to go on hunger strike if the presenter loses his job, the Mirror reports. Cameron, who has expressed his support for Clarkson in the past, has reportedly said: “I told her this is not necessarily a useful intervention. It is not exactly Gandhi.”

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