Jeremy Clarkson just took his last ever lap around the 'Top Gear' test track

Jeremy Clarkson’s days at “Top Gear” may be over, but that doesn’t mean the bombastic former host will turn down one last lap around the show’s famous test track.

This week, the Clarkson tweeted a photo of a Mercedes-AMG GT, Ferrari LaFerrari, and a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Along with the photo, Clarkson tweeted the caption “Right. About to do my last ever lap of the Top Gear test track. What car should I use?”

Earlier this year, before his fate at the BBC2 car show was decided, Clarkson auctioned off the chance to ride in the passenger seat for a lap around the show’s famed track. According to the Mirror, Clarkson’s final lap raised around $US160,000 for charities benefiting young people in the arts.   

The identity of the lucky person who got the chance ride in the passenger seat has not been officially announced. However, based on a on picture retweeted by Clarkson, we know that Pink Floyd drummer and well-known Ferrari aficionado Nick Mason, as well as Scottish racecar driver Marino Franchitti, were present for the occasion. 

We aren’t sure sure exactly which of the three world-beating exotics Clarkson chose to use for his last lap. The long-time journalist did, however, express his happiness on Twitter about raising a large sum of money for charity, as well as a particularly satisfying powerslide around one of the track’s curves. 

In the end, Clarkson’s final turn around the “Top Gear” proved to be bittersweet for the former host. “My last ever lap of the ‘Top Gear’ track is done,” the former host wrote on Twitter. “Bit sad leaving the place for the final time.”

The BBC’s decision to part ways with the polarising TV personality came after an internal BBC inquiry found Clarkson had punched a “Top Gear” producer when he failed to obtain a hot steak dinner after a long day of filming.

The fracas with the producer came after a controversy-filled 2014 for Clarkson, who was mired in scandal stemming from accusations of racist, sexist, and culturally insensitive comments.

Prior to his dismissal, Clarkson had spent nearly three decades with the BBC as a host on “Top Gear” and is credited with being the driving force behind the show’s explosive international success.

With more than 350 million weekly viewers, “Top Gear” set the Guinness World Record as the most watched factual TV program in the world. In addition to the UK show, the “Top Gear” brand includes numerous international spinoffs, a live stadium tour, merchandising, a successful magazine, and a website.

Last month, the BBC announced that radio DJ and TV personality Chris Evans will take over hosting duties for “Top Gear’s” 23rd season. 

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