It's Over: Jenny Sanford Files For Divorce

Jenny Sanford has filed for divorce.

The announcment comes nearly six months after South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford told the world, via a really long press conference, that he had an affair with an Argentinian woman.

Politico: “As so many of us know, the dissolution of any marriage is a sad and painful process,” Sanford said in a statement e-mailed to reporters Friday morning. “It is also a very personal and private one. Because Mark and I are public figures, we have naturally had less privacy with which to deal with our difficulties than do other couples. Indeed, I know it will soon become known so I choose to release this brief notice that I am now filing for divorce. This came after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation, yet I am still dedicated to keeping the process that lies ahead peaceful for our family.”

Being a divorce attorney seems like a tough and generally unfun job. But we imagine whoever is representing Jenny Sanford feels pretty confident about his client’s character. General public opinion is that Sanford has shown nothing but class during the course of this drama.

She even appears to have protected her husband’s political career. “[N]umerous South Carolina sources have said it was Sanford who was able to get state Republicans to cool their calls for her husband’s removal during the summer,” Politico said.

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