Jenny McCarthy Leaves OWN, Costing Oprah's Network Its Only Happy Celebrity


The ongoing struggle of Oprah Winfrey‘s network OWN just took another high-profile hit.

Winfrey inner-circle-member Jenny McCarthy, who was supposed to develop a show for the network, is reportedly instead taking her show idea to NBC.

Requisite catty “source” comment:

“Jenny finally decided to embrace Oprah’s philosophy, which is to ‘follow your bliss.’ Well, Jenny followed her bliss and walked right off the project.”

So who does Winfrey still have on her team?

Ryan and Tatum O’Neal have their reconciliation reality drama.

Sarah Ferguson spills her guts on her own program.

Shania Twain has a reality show called “Why Not?” (why?) and Naomi and Wynonna Judd bring the family drama on “The Judds.”

Considering that list, it’s pretty clear what McCarthy’s departure will cost the network: its sole energetic, funny, upbeat-not-beaten-down celebrity.

She’s not synonymous with scandal or shattered families, two themes that basically cover the hooks of the aforementioned stars.

OWN’s famous-faces roster is, sorry to say, turning into a bit of a sad-sack confessional. Winfrey needs to book some happy people, pronto.

How about one of these popular, charismatic, could-be-the-next-Oprah ladies?  >>

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