Has Jenny Craig Screwed Up Its New Logo?

jenny craig logo

Jenny Craig didn’t only get slimmed down Mariah Carey as their new spokesperson at the end of 2011, but they also shed a few extra pounds by dropping the “Craig” from their logo and company name.

According to the company’s press release:

“No longer referred to as Jenny Craig, people everywhere will get to know Jenny on a first name basis. With a perky, fun attitude and an easy, refreshing approach to physical activity and weight loss, the new Jenny is sure to be unlike anything anyone’s seen before.”

Gone are the days of the sleek, mature signature of the 29 year-old weight loss and nutrition company in place of what is hypothetically a more approachable, lowercase, and loopy look. Or, as Brand New puts it, a logo that looks “like a chick left her name and phone number on a bar napkin with only a red lipstick kiss at the bottom missing.

Jenny Craig… er, Jenny… has 650 locations worldwide and was named Consumer Reports’ number one diet as recently as last year. So why change something that has proven to work?

Similar questions were asked when Starbucks altered its company logo last year, dropping “Starbucks Coffee” from its logo altogether.

Reuters reported on the resulting customer ire:

“Who’s the bonehead in your marketing department that removed the world-famous name of Starbucks Coffee from your new logo? This gold card user isn’t impressed!” wrote one customer who identified herself as MimiKatz.

But that was almost a year ago and Starbucks is still doing well. Will we be able to say the same about our new “perky” friend Jenny?

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