Jennifer Lopez's Raunchy Performance And Skimpy Costume Are Causing Controversy

Jennifer Lopez concert outfitAngry viewers tweeted their outrage, but Simon Cowell praised J.Lo’s risqué performance.

Jennifer Lopez may be about to turn 44-years-old next month, but that isn’t stopping the mother-of-two from wearing a tiny 

leather leotard and thigh-high boots for her latest performance on ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent.”Since the show is geared toward a younger audience, not all viewers were happy with Lopez’s assets fully on display, especially paired with her sexually-suggestive dance moves.

Angry viewers took to Twitter to vent about the raunchy performance. One viewer wrote:  “Think I have seen a little too much of Jennifer Lopez — meant to be a family show? #inappropriate #bgt.”

Another one said: “#BGT does #jenniferlopez realise it’s a family show — only thing missing was the pole – cover up your cheeks please!”

For the record, Lopez actually does grind on a pole about three quarters of the way through her performance.

The whole thing was enough to get British TV regulator Ofcom to release a statement confirming that “it has received complaints about the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ broadcast last night, which we are assessing but not currently investigating.”

Lopez, however, seemed quite pleased with her appearance, tweeting afterwards:

Judge and show creator Simon Cowell was also full of praise for her performance. “Seriously, J-Lo. If anyone wants to know how you do it — that’s how you do it,” he said on the show. “Seriously, world-class.”

Cowell even tweeted later:

Simon Cowell J.Lo tweet

The performance may be a little too R-rated for the show’s demo, but there’s no denying Lopez has still got it. Watch below:

Jennifer Lopez – Live It Up (Live Britain’s Got… by JohnJLover

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