All of Jennifer Lopez's movies, ranked

Warner BrosLopez has starred in lots of movies.
  • Jennifer Lopez has been acting since the ’80s.
  • Her newest movie “Second Act” just hit theatres.
  • We ranked all of her movies, from worst to best.

Whether you became a fan of Jennifer Lopez from her days as one of the “Fly Girls” on “In Living Colour,” fell in love with her as she belted out “Como la Flor” in the “Selena” biopic, or felt the lyrics to “If You Had My Love” from her debut album “On the 6,” there’s no denying the impact that she’s made on the entertainment industry throughout the years.

Dominating industry since she stepped onto the scene in the late ’80s, Lopez has proved over the years that she is a force to be reckoned with on many levels. And while she is talented in many different areas, her film catalogue is perhaps the most expansive of the lot.

With her newest film “Second Act” currently in theatres, we couldn’t help but wonder: how does it hold up against the dozens of films that precede it? We’ve looked at the critic score for each Jennifer Lopez film on Rotten Tomatoes and ranked them from worst to best.

“Gigli” (2003).

Columbia Pictures‘Gigli.’

Critic score: 6%

Audience Score: 12%

Critics comments: “More stupefying follies may come, but it’s impossible to imagine how they will beat this one for staggering idiocy, fatuousness or pretension.” – Joe Morgenstern, The Washington Post

“The Boy Next Door” (2015)

Universal Pictures‘The Boy Next Door.’

Critic score: 10%

Audience score: 33%

Critic comment: “Jennifer Lopez has serious beefcake issues in this lazy, low-budget, not-as-much-fun-as-it-should-be potboiler.” – Tom Huddleston,Time Out

“The Wedding Planner” (2001)

Columbia PicturesA wedding planner can help you stick to a realistic budget.

Critic score: 16%

Audience score: 59%

Critic comment: “Occasionally so inept and embarrassing that it’s almost physically painful to sit through.” – James Berardinelli,Reel Views

“Ice Age: Collision Course” (2016)

20th Century Fox‘Ice Age: Collision Course.’

Critic score: 17%

Audience score: 39%

Critic comment: “The fifth entry in the ‘Ice Age’ series is a loud, lazy, laugh-starved cash grab that cynically exploits its target audience (I use the term advisedly) by serving them scraps and calling it yummy.” – Peter Travers,Rolling Stone

“Monster-in-Law” (2005)

Monster in Law/New Line Cinema‘Monster-In-Law.’

Critic score: 17%

Audience score: 55%

Critic comment: “Monster-in-Law is a comedy without laughs and a catfight without claws.” – Moira MacDonald,Seattle Times

“The Back-up Plan” (2010)

CBS Films‘The Back-Up Plan.’

Critic score: 18%

Audience score: 45%

Critic comment: “But by the time 104 minutes of off-putting pregnancy dramas are up, you may wonder if the film’s goal isn’t so much about entertainment as population control.” – Anna Smith, Metro

“Jack” (1996)

Buena Vista Pictures‘Jack.’

Critic score: 19%

Audience score: 49%

Critic comment: “It seems unlikely that a Francis Ford Coppola movie starring the outrageous, hyperkinetic Robin Williams could be bland, but Jack is.” – Judith Egerton,Courier-Journal

“Enough” (2002)

Columbia Pictures‘Enough.’

Critic score: 22%

Audience score: 67%

Critic comment: “Enough trivialises an important crisis, reduces it to an almost comic embarrassment.” – Rex Reed, Observer

“Money Train” (1995)

Columbia Pictures‘Money Train.’

Critic score: 22%

Audience score: 29%

Critic comment: “Even if they only charged a token, it would be too much.” – Hal Hinson, Washington Post

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (2012)

Lionsgate”What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’

Critic score: 22%

Audience score: 47%

Critic comment: “Remember when advice books stayed on the shelves where they belonged?”- Connie Ogle,Miami Herald

“El Cantante” (2007)

Picturehouse‘El Cantante.’

Critic score: 25%

Audience score: 62%

Critic comment: “This may be one of the very few biopics in which the subject is marginalized to the point of irrelevance.” – Geoff Perevre, Toronto Star

“Angel Eyes” (2001)

Warner Bros‘Angel Eyes.’

Critic score: 33%

Audience score: 45%

Critic comment: “Lopez is fairly convincing as a tough cookie by day and a lonesome soft-centre by night, but despite their best efforts, neither she nor Caviezel can fight free of the turgid script.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out

“Second Act” 2018

STXFilms‘Second Act’

Critics score: 37%

Audience score: 53%

Critic comment: “Even the boundless charms of Jennifer Lopez cannot overcome a mess of a script in Second Act.” – Nell Minow,

“Ice Age: Continental Drift” (2012)

Fox‘Ice Age: Continental Drift.’

Critic score: 38%

Audience score: 62%

Critic comment: “In the end, this latest ‘Ice Age’ movie is about as surprising and unpredictable as a glacier. And not much more fun.” – Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

“Maid in Manhattan” (2002)

Revolution Studios‘Maid in Manhattan.’

Critic score: 39%

Audience score: 43%

Critic comment: “Not so much a movie as a collection of career moves.” – Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine

“Anaconda” (1997)

Columbia Pictures‘Anaconda.’

Critic score: 40%

Audience score: 24%

Critic comment: “One never questions the realism of the remarkable animatronic and computer-generated effects, but it’s hard to credit a snake that screams.” – Derek Adams, Time Out

“Lila & Eve” (2015)

Samuel Goldwyn Films‘Lila & Eve.’

Critic score: 40%

Audience score: 40%

Critic comment: “‘Lila and Eve’ deteriorates into a tawdry shoot-’em-up whose screenplay takes an ill-advised surreal twist that propels the movie deep into the ozone.” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Parker” (2013)


Critic score: 40%

Audience score: 48%

Critic comment: “Parker’s vengeance isn’t thrilling, there’s a pointlessly developed non-love triangle, even the glam settings look cheap, and the tough-guy exchanges are inexplicably flat.” – Tom Russo, Boston Globe

“Jersey Girl” (2004)

Miramax‘Jersey Girl.’

Critic score: 41%

Audience score: 48%

Critic comment: “The grating sense of commercial calculation in Jersey Girl consistently undercuts Smith’s fine writing.” – J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

“Shall We Dance” (2004)

Miramax‘Shall We Dance.’

Critic score: 46%

Audience score: 57%

Critic comment: “Offers attractive, inoffensive characters and a smattering of broad laughs, but it fails to use its potential to explore weightier themes such as John’s mid-life crisis.” – Amy Simmons, Time Out

“The Cell” (2000)

New Line Cinema‘The Cell.’

Critic score: 46%

Audience score: 57%

Critic comment: “Lopez is hard to take as the empathetic psychologist who uses a synaptic transfer machine to penetrate the comatose killer’s tortured psyche in hopes of finding his latest victim.” – Nick Funnell, Time Out

“Home” (2015)

20th Century Fox‘Home.’

Critic score: 50%

Audience score: 64%

Critic comment: “A big, fat happy meal of a movie …” – Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

“An Unfinished Life” (2005)

Miramax Films‘An Unfinished Life.’

Critic score: 52%

Audience score: 67%

Critic comment: “The picture has no discernible reason for being. It’s impossible to identify with characters who seem so fond of their own misery, they can’t be bothered to communicate even the most basic facts about themselves.” – Peter Howell, Toronto Star

“U-Turn” (1997)

TriStar Pictures‘U-Turn.’

Critic score: 60%

Audience score: 62%

Critic comment: “The best part of any age typically comes from the dysfunctional artist, and U-Turn is just that — Stone’s oddball glimpse into a shadow America that no one wants to believe exists but that undoubtedly does.” – Ted Anthony, Associated Press

“Selena” (1997)

Warner Bros‘Selena.’

Critic score: 67%

Audience score: 77%

Critic comment: “What makes this movie work is Jennifer Lopez’s electric performance as Selena, capturing the charismatic aspects of Selena’s stage persona and the essence of her maturity as a growing woman.” – Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

“My Family” (1995)

New Line Cinema‘My Family.’

Critic score: 85%

Audience score: 87%

Critic comment: “Touching and often mystical portrait of a multi-generational Mexican-American family in East Los Angeles.” – Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

“Antz” (1998)


Critic score: 93%

Audience score: 52%

Critic comment: “Visually striking and dynamically shot, this has strong characters and no shortage of incident.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out

“Out of Sight” (1998)

Universal‘Out of Sight.’

Critic score: 93%

Audience score: 74%

Critic comment: “The characters all seem to have known each other for years, referring to long-held grudges and resentments that only gradually are revealed to the audience. They’re a seedy, petty, dangerous and delightful bunch.” – Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post

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