7 of Jennifer Lopez's most iconic outfits from movies

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesJennifer Lopez’s on-screen style has become iconic.

Ever since her breakout role playing the late Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the biopic of the same name in 1997, Jennifer Lopez has had an illustrious career as a dancer, singer, and actor.

She’s also had quite the fashion evolution over the past two decades, influencing trends on and off the red carpet. After all, it was her daring outfit at the 2000 Grammys that propelled the creation of the Google Image Search, with people all over the world trying to catch a glimpse of that barely-there green Versace dress.

And although she still kills it on the red carpet and on social media, we’ve got to give her props for some of the iconic outfits she’s worn in character on the big screen.

From rocking Selena’s signature style to her all-black outfit in the final fight scenes in “Enough,” Lopez has had many memorable movie looks over the years.

Lopez paid tribute to Selena’s fabulous fashions and made a name for herself in Hollywood.

Getty ImagesLopez’s break-out role had lots of great looks.

After the tragic death of Quintanilla-Pérez in 1995, Lopez had the difficult task of honouring the late singer in a respectful way, and she nailed it, winning over critics and fans alike. It also helped that Lopez looked the part, wearing Selena’s glittery stage costumes, including beaded bras, newsboy caps, and awards show gowns.

Of working with Lopez on the film, costume designerElisabetta Beraldo told Billboard in 2017, “She had an incredible sense of who Selena was because she spent four months living with her family. If I presented her options, even if it was an everyday look, she would always choose the one that would be truer to Selena, and not simply her own style. … When her family saw Jennifer dressed as Selena the first time, it was really emotional.”

Beraldo admits that it was no easy task recreating all of the Tejano singer’s famous looks, and she says, “It took about six weeks to create the looks. We had to consider being faithful to her look, what would look great on film, and what would work best for her body type. Most importantly was being faithful. For every piece, you had to consider which best reflected her image. If it was a beaded bra, it had to be the right one, and it had to fit Jennifer’s body type perfectly. Her style was totally different than my own, but I loved it.”

“Gigli” was slammed by critics, but her cool brown leather jacket was so on-trend for the time

Columbia PicturesCritics weren’t impressed with the movie ‘Gigli’ but we were impressed with Lopez’s outfit.

It’s true that “Gigli,” the starring vehicle for Lopez and then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, is widely regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, with critics still arguing whether the film is really that bad 15 years after its release.

We’ll let you decide whether the movie deserves all the hate it’s gotten over the years, but one thing it did give us was an iconic Lopez look. She played Ricki, a tough-talking contractor who gets involved in some, ahem, mob activity.

The fashion largely evokes standard styles of 2003, but we’ve gotta give props to Ricki’s amazing brown leather jacket, printed button-down, and flared jeans, which she accessorized with a Western-inspired belt buckle and loose waves. With so much nostalgia for ’90s and 2000s fashions these days, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these looks come back into style.

“Maid in Manhattan” gave us two iconic looks

Revolution StudiosLopez had two very different looks in ‘Maid in Manhattan.’

Lopez brought tons of heart to her role as a single mum and housekeeper that happens to fall in love with a high-profile politician.

Of course, her character, Marisa, is quickly lifted from her low-paying job, but Lopez totally looked the part in Marisa’s maid outfit. Of the look, costume designer Albert Wolsky told CNN that he designed two maid outfits and had plenty of input from Lopez herself. He said, “She knows what she likes, especially things that are closely fitted to the body. Nothing loose and drapey.”

The next iconic outfit comes at the very end of the movie, when Marisa has her “Cinderella moment” in a vintage pink chiffon gown by Bob Mackie, which was paired with an elegant updo and plenty of Harry Winston diamonds. The strapless gown still looks incredible and truly had that “wow” factor on-screen.

Lopez donned another brown leather jacket in “The Wedding Planner,” and looked so stylish.

Columbia PicturesLopez has a lot of great outfits in ‘The Wedding Planner.’

In 2018, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Meghan Markle’s royal wedding dress looked an awful lot like Lopez’s character, Mary’s, classic and understated wedding gown to her ill-fated nuptials with Massimo, but we have a soft spot for Mary’s business attire as she works tirelessly to create the wedding of her clients’ dreams.

We particularly love Mary’s outfit when she is rescued in the street – literally – by Matthew McConaughey’s character Steve. According to Cinema Review, costume designer Pamela Withers wanted to give the characters a “classic beautiful look,” adding, “[Director] Adam [Shankman] and I saw Mary’s style as very sophisticated, conservative and timeless, like such everlasting icons as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy. Mary also seemed like a woman who saved her money and invested it in a few good designer pieces.”

She added, “I dressed her in such things as a classic blue Armani cotton sheath, a tan leather Prada coat and an Emporio Armani two-piece top and skirt with a little cardigan. The audience may not be used to seeing Jennifer Lopez like this, but she looks stunning.”

For that amazing meet-cute scene, Withers took colour and style into account for both Mary and Steve. She said, “For instance, in the scene where Mary and Steve meet and he rescues her, she’s in bright blue and tan, and he’s in navy and chocolate, so they compliment each other.”

Her sleek pony and subtle makeup added the perfect touch to Mary’s business-like but still classic style.

Her wedding dress in “Monster-in-Law” was breathtaking.

Warner Bros.She was elegant at her wedding in ‘Monster-in-Law.’

Lopez’s character Charlie has fashion ambitions in the film so it’s no surprise that she would rock a stunning gown when she finally gets married. Her Saeyoung Vu Couture dress, complete with long veil, statement flower, and gloves was an iconic look and has gone down as one of the most stunning wedding dresses in movie history … even if her mother-in-law in the film was competing with her own white gown.

Lopez played an abuse survivor set for revenge in 2002’s “Enough,” and her final fight scene outfit was perfect.

Columbia PicturesLopez showed us what it looks like to be a badass in ‘Enough.’

J.Lo has definitely played her fair share of movie heroines over the years, but her turn as Slim, an abuse survivor who vows to get revenge on her horrible husband once and for all certainly takes the cake.

Lopez ditched her signature glam aesthetic for the movie, donning a short wig to go incognito as she’s on the run from her husband. But in the film’s final scene, she shows that she means business as she prepares to fight back, wearing a tight black tank top, pants, and combat boots, adding black hand covers to protect from injury, and a cropped haircut

Slim trained for months to be able to attack her husband, and the film’s climax, which shows her hiding in his loft before finally getting her revenge, was flawless.

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