JENNIFER LOPEZ NEEDS TO CRY MORE: This New Positivity Vibe Is Ruining 'American Idol'


Last night’s episode of “American Idol” opened with the rest of judge Jennifer Lopez’s breakdown — she was still upset from having to dismiss contestant Chris Medina.

Luckily, she basically wouldn’t have to go through that again for the entire episode.

When “American Idol” producers claimed that this season would be all about losing the negativity, we sort of thought they were just referring to the absence of Simon Cowell.

But it turns out they were serious about scrubbing away the bad stuff. Case in point: last night’s pivotal show, which narrowed the field to 24 contestants, hugely downplayed the actual cuts.

Instead, we were presented with one long train of clips in which the judges did their drawn-out, it’s-so-hard verbal dance and then awarded the shaking singer a spot in the top 24.

Guess what, guys? That whole suspense act is only suspenseful if sometimes, the kid has to go home.

What’s next — editing out criticisms of performances? 

We’re sure the whole thing would make Simon nauseous.

(Sickeningly positive) video below.


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