Jennifer Lawrence wouldn't have asked for more money for "American Hustle," despite her complaints about the wage gap

Jennifer Lawrence recently wrote a blistering essay about the wage gap in Hollywood. She was upset when she learned that her male “American Hustle” co-stars were paid more than her, though she also admitted to struggling with salary negotiations.

Her essay started a conversation about the wage gap, and earned her the support of many fellow actors and actresses.

However, now she’s saying that even if she could, she wouldn’t go back and fight for a bigger paycheck.

“I didn’t need to fight for money for ‘American Hustle’ because we were trying to fit a million movie stars into one movie,” she said while promoting the latest “Hunger Games” movie.

“There wasn’t a lot of money and I didn’t need it. I wanted to do the movie anyway. So if I were to go back, I would go back and ask for the same exact amount of money, but for very different reasons. It wouldn’t have been because I was afraid, or I would have come across as a spoiled brat, or because I was worried what people thought.”
Story by Ian Phillips and editing by Ben Nigh

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