This is what it's really like to film a sex scene, according to Jennifer Lawrence

Shooting a sex scene for a movie is awkward. You don’t need to do it to know that.

You’re pretending to do something spontaneous and intimate while being methodical and surrounded by a crew.

But Jennifer Lawrence revealed exactly how awkward the whole process is on Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” Tuesday, appearing to promote her new film “Joy.” The sex scene was filmed with Chris Pratt for next year’s sci-fi film “Passengers.”

“I’m a predator!” Lawrence joked to Meyers. She said working with Pratt, who’s “the sweetest,” made it easier, but she really was worried about coming across the wrong way.

“I was so nervous,” the actress said. “With sex scenes, you don’t know what to do. Is it enough? Your worst nightmare: Is it too much? You don’t know what to do.”

Lawrence¬†also said “you don’t talk about it at all” with your co-star because it’s “too uncomfortable.”

To prepare, as Lawrence had revealed before, she drank whiskey — a lot of it.

Watch the “Late Night” video below:


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