Jennifer Lawrence Gets Scared Out Of Her Mind In New 'House At The End Of The Street Trailer'

Screenshot/ Relativity

Jennifer Lawrence is having quite the year. After starring in the insanely popular “The Hunger Games,” which has already grossed more than $170 million since its opening weekend, the Oscar-nominated actress already has another leading role—but in a much different genre.

“House at the End of the Street” stars Lawrence as a high schooler who moves into a new house with her mother that is coincidentally located right next to a home where a young girl previously murdered her two parents. 

Lawrence then takes up with the murdered parents’ troubled son, played by Max Thieriot, who may or may not be hiding his psycho-killer sister in his house. Naturally. 

Hey Jen, here’s horror movie survival tactic number one: don’t move next door to a house where grisly murders took place. And number two: don’t hook up with the possibly crazy guy who lives there. 

Check out the surprisingly interesting trailer here:

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Lawrence shot “House at the End of the Street” before the “Hunger Games” phenomenon began, but the film doesn’t open until September 21st.

Will you see if this 21-year-old actress can conquer the horror genre? 

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