This No-Makeup Photo Shows How Much Jennifer Aniston Has Been Photoshopped In Ads

Even the most naturally beautiful actresses undergo epic amounts of Photoshopping for ad campaigns.

When hairstylist Chris McMillan posted a photo of actress (and close friend) Jennifer Aniston sans makeup on Instagram, Jezebel quickly noticed how much the actress has been digitally altered, even in “natural” photoshoots.

The Instagram:

The Aveeno Ad:

Which is nothing compared to how she looked in a 2011 Allure cover shoot — in an issue that claims to reveal “the truth about natural skin care”:

Note that the real Aniston, 44, has cute wrinkles, but the Aniston you see in ads and on magazine covers is wrinkle-free.

This isn’t the worst Photoshop offence out there — Christy Turlington is essentially unrecognizable in her new Calvin Klein ads — but it does provide an interesting contrast.

Aniston looks incredible make up-free and while Aveeno’s commercials claim to have “naturally beautiful results,” it’s still different from the actual, natural thing.

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